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Stellamara "The Golden Thread"

Welcome to the home of Stellamara's newest CD release, "The Golden Thread."


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1. Prelude - 01:47

6. Prituri se Planinata - 04:19
2. Aman Doktor - 06:12 7. Odam Kireç - 10:09
3. Miskolc - 04:28 8. Lado - 06:44
4. Yemen Türküsü - 09:07 9. Element - 12:11
5. Azade - 05:29 TOTAL TIME: - 60:28

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Improvisations: Gari Hegedus and Peter Jaques

Aman Doktor
Lyrics and melody: Traditional from Turkey
Oh Doctor, my soul, please give me a remedy for my incurable sorrows. I've lost my husband. “Take my handkerchief. May it stay with you, to wipe the tears from your eyes.”

Lyrics and vocal melody: Traditional from Hungary
The wind is blowing cold, the leaves of the fig tree shiver, and the water is cold. Weep for me lover, if they take me to prison. If the chains ever break and I am free again, let no one remind me I was once in the Miskoltc jail.

Yemen Türküsü
Lyrics and melody: Traditional from Turkey
It is a clear sky. Why is there smoke? Nobody has died here. Why are there tears? This place is Muş . Its paths are steep. Those that leave do not return, and I wonder why. Those who go to Yemen do not return, and I wonder why.

Music: Gari Hegedus

Prituri se Planinata
Lyrics and melody: Traditional from Bulgaria
The mountains shook and buried two shepherds, two friends. The mountains said: “Oh you poor shepherds, one of you has a new love that will mourn until noon, the other has a mother that will mourn to the grave.”

Odam Kireç
Lyrics and melody: Traditional from Turkey
Come into my whitewashed walls. Come into my bedroom. Your love is my cure. Your sweat is my medicine.

Music: Gari Hegedus. Lyrics: Traditional Croatian
These lyrics are an invocation to the ancient Slavic fertility God, Lado.

Music: Rufus Cappadocia

About this release:

The golden thread is a symbol of the inspiration, intuition, and guiding light that graces us throughout our lives. It is that which we follow, knowing that it will, in some mysterious way, guide us on our true paths in life. It is most colorfully portrayed in Greek mythology as the magical thread that Ariadne gave to Theseus, assisting him in his heroic journey into and out of the Minotaur's labyrinth. As we travel through literal and figurative labyrinths in our lives, the golden thread may easily go unnoticed, yet when it is recognized and followed, we may find that this archetypal strand of gold connects us to our true selves, to our beloveds, and to that which we discover to be home.

CD art by Shalom Ormsby Images.

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